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Few things are more important to a restaurant owner than being able to accommodate the guests that come through the front door.  In recent years with the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing has made that process all that much more difficult.  As things start to return to some form of normal, the need to accommodate more guests is on everyone’s mind.  Patio seating has become much more popular with guests since the pandemic, and restaurant owners who made temporary outdoor seating available, are now trying to come up with solutions to make their outdoor patio seating something more permanent.  

According to the National Restaurant Association, the demand for outdoor seating has increased significantly since the COVID-19 delta variant . Among full service restaurants, that demand rose 71%, and among limited service restaurants, it rose as much as 51% overall.  The survey also indicated that 35% of the 4,000 restaurants surveyed indicated that outdoor seating (patio, patio cover, deck, or sidewalk) accounts for more than 40% of their overall daily sales.

35% of the 4,000 restaurants surveyed indicated that outdoor seating accounts for more than 40% of their overall daily sales.


Overall, the demand for continued outdoor seating is increasing nationally.  When you account for west coast states such as California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington, the demand for continued outdoor seating has nearly tripled.  Western states have an average temperature in the evening in the high 60’s and 70’s, leaving the evening warm, and perfect for outdoor dining.  We believe that the necessity of outdoor seating during the height of the COVID pandemic also created a new segment of restaurant goers that enjoy all of the amenities that the outdoor dining has to offer.

This is where Palmiye comes in.  We offer some amazing solutions to the outdoor dining problem.  We not only fill a need that is well established nowadays, but we also help significantly with assisting restaurants create large, more accommodating patio areas for their dining guests.  The Palmiye pergolas are all fully customizable and can be designed and built to your exact specifications.  Palmiye will help you throughout the process of designing, planning, and building your pergola on-site.  We will even help you with design plans and submission for permits to your city.

Javier’s Restaurant & Cantina
Newport Beach, California

A short drive down Pacific Coast Highway into Newport Beach, and you will find the best tropical setting for Javier’s Restaurant & Cantina. Javier’s is famous for great inspired specialties, created with (read more)

PROJECT TYPE: Palmiye Crown Pergola
PROJECT GOAL: Add Additional Seating To Accommodate More Guests

Here are a few benefits of outdoor seating that you may or may not have thought of:

Increased Seating Capacity:
Patios provide additional seating space for restaurants, allowing them to accommodate more guests. This is especially valuable during peak dining hours or in regions with favorable weather conditions, as it helps restaurants serve more customers without overcrowding their indoor dining areas.

Outdoor dining areas, when well-designed, can create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Patios often offer a change of scenery from the indoor dining space, giving guests the opportunity to enjoy fresh air, natural light, and views of the surroundings. This ambiance can enhance the overall dining experience and attract patrons seeking a unique and enjoyable meal.

Patios are versatile spaces that can be used for various purposes. They are suitable for casual dining, special events, brunches, or even just for guests who prefer to dine al fresco. Restaurants can adapt their patio areas to cater to different customer preferences and needs.

Seasonal Appeal:
In regions with distinct seasons, patios allow restaurants to take advantage of good weather. They can offer outdoor dining during the warmer months, attracting customers who want to dine outside. This can also lead to increased revenue during seasonal peaks. With a completely waterproof Palmiye pergola, restaurants with inclimate weather can seat guests through any season.  Palmiye is the all-season pergola.

Social Distancing:
During the COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor dining spaces like patios became crucial for maintaining social distancing protocols. They allowed restaurants to continue serving customers while adhering to safety guidelines, helping to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on the industry.

Marketing and Branding:
A well-designed patio can become a signature feature of a restaurant, helping to differentiate it from competitors and contributing to its overall branding. Patios can be designed to reflect the restaurant’s theme or style, making them an integral part of its identity.

Community Engagement:
Patios often provide an opportunity for restaurants to engage with the local community. They can host events, live music, or themed nights on their patios, drawing in both regular patrons and new customers.

Increased Revenue:
Ultimately, having a patio can boost a restaurant’s revenue by increasing the number of guests served, especially during peak dining times or seasons. The additional revenue generated from outdoor seating can contribute significantly to a restaurant’s profitability.


Luciana’s Restaurant
Dana Point, California

Just a few miles down along the iconic Pacific Coast Highway, in the new Lantern District, is Luciana’s Ristorante (Restaurant). They have been part of the community for 40 years, serving homemade pasta (read more)

PROJECT TYPE: Palmiye Crown Pergola, Palmiye Skyroof Prestige Pergola, Palmiye Skyroof Plus Pergola
PROJECT GOAL: Create Venue Space / Update Existing Patio & Entry Way Structure

Luciana's Restaurant
For every 1,000 square feet added to your restaurant space, you can calculate that this will add 20 tables at 36×36 table size.  With our pergola build with Javier’s Restaurant & Cantina in Newport Beach, mentioned above, we helped expand their outdoor patio seating by approximately 3,000 square feet.  This helped expand their seating by roughly 60 tables.  It also provided them an excellent area for venues, weddings, and parties.  The possibilities are endless, and when you start calculating in table turns per night for the additional space, the investment into a patio area pays for itself rather quickly.

With other installs, we have substantially changed the overall look of the restaurant.  Luciana’s Restaurant is a great example of that.  When we started the project, the entire front of the restaurant was painted red, matching the background color in their logo.  We installed three different pergolas at their location.  One for the front patio area, an entry way area pergola, and an larger event space pergola behind the restaurant.  The front patio area was a redwood red color and had partition glass, but overall was exposed to the elements, and the restaurant was at the mercy of the weather.  We redesigned the patio and enclosed it with glass, giving them an area that can be utilized at any time.


What will your restaurant look like?  We can help you redesign your outdoor space, and not only change the overall look, but make it a functional area that can generate more income for your business and allow more guests to enjoy your restaurant.  Another interesting point to consider.  We have found that in many cases, the landlord or owner of the building is often involved in the process and in a lot of cases has contributed significantly to the project.  It might be something you may want to consider discussing with your landlord or building owner.

Are you ready to get your pergola started?  Let us help plan and design the perfect pergola or pergolas for you and your business.

You can reach our design team consultants daily at 888-725-6493 (888-PALMIYE).  Give us a call today.

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