Merage Jewish Community Center

Irvine, California (Orange County)
Palmiye Crown Plus Pergola  (Swimming Pool)
Palmiye Gala Plus Pergola  (Activity/Lunch Area)
Palmiye Skyroof Plus  (Walkway/Entrance Area)
Palmiye Skyroof Plus  (Memorial Garden)
Provide More Shade Opportunities
Create Protection From The Weather
Merage Jewish Community Center

Located in a 220,000 square foot facility on the Samueli Jewish Campus in Irvine, California, the Merage Jewish Community Center is the place to be for programs that will challenge your body, spark your intellect, kindle your spirit and brighten your life. They have an extraordinary facility, with its inviting landscape and breathtaking views, includes a state-of-the-art health and fitness complex, licensed preschool and toddler care, teen lounge, gymnasium, junior Olympic swimming pool, senior center, adult education rooms, a professional theater, and so much more. Their programs and services celebrate family, foster health and well-being, embrace tradition, create friendships, and expand cultural horizons, all in a safe, positive, friendly, and inviting environment.

The goal with the Merage Jewish Community Center was to provide more opportunities for shade and protection from the weather. The project was split into four different pergola installations. The first installation was a large pergola at the front end of their junior Olympic size pool to give athletes and staff protection from the sun. We used a Palmiye Crown Plus Pergola
, which allows for the largest utilization of space under the pergola. The second installation was a Palmiye Gala Plus Pergola installed in the center of campus to be used for shade during lunches or special events. The third installation was a Palmiye Skyroof Plus in front of an entry way to protect from the elements. The fourth installation was another Palmiye Skyroof Plus placed in front of the center’s Memorial Garden area, to allow for protection from the elements, and mostly provide shade, as we are in sunny Southern California. Overall, the projects were a huge success for the Jewish Community Center and it was certainly a pleasure for our staff to work with all of those involved.

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