Palmiye Gala Pergola

Commercial Venue Installation

Palmiye Gala Pergola

Commercial Venue Installation

Palmiye Gala Pergola

Commercial Venue Installation

Palmiye Gala Pergola

Commercial Venue Installation

Palmiye Gala Pergola

Commercial Venue Installation

Palmiye Gala Pergola

Commercial Venue Installation

Palmiye Gala Retractable Pergolas

Expose Your Outdoor World To Happiness…

Gala Modern Retractable Pergola

The Gala Retractable Motorized Pergola is one of our larger and more popular pergola systems. It is spacious and elegant, and designed to accommodate large numbers of guests. It makes for the perfect commercial venue pergola, where you are accommodating larger seating areas. Similar to the Crown system, the Gala is designed with more of an A frame structure as opposed to a curved arch structure of the Crown system. This is designed more for commercial applications or residential settings with large open areas. The Gala pergola system is completely waterproof, and is perfect for all weather conditions including rain, snow, wind, and sunlight.

The entire drainage system is integrated into the structure and lighting systems can be integrated into the roof as either linear or spot lighting.  Both of which can be completely controlled by remote control or a phone app.  With the phone app, your modern pergola can now be completely controlled using Alexa or Google Assistant.

Each of our products are hand crafted and in itself unique, and from ceiling cover to the construction material, you can fully customize your products.

Palmiye Gala Retractable Pergolas
Palmiye Pergola Pillar

Pillar (10×10)

Palmiye Pergola Railing Type 1

Rail Type I (12×15)

Palmiye Pergola Rail

Rail Type II (12×15)

Palmiye Pergola Front Beam

Front Beam (10×15)

Palmiye Pergola Gutter

Gutter (13×13)


Depending on whether you want strong practical lighting, or an atmospheric dimmed ambience, you can choose between the Spot Lighting System with Palmiye’s 3-Lens LED technology or our Linear LED Lighting.

You can dim the lights, change the color, or create moods, all directly from your Somfy Remote Control or through the app on your cell phone.  All lighting can also now be controlled using Alexa and Google Assistant.

Palmiye Pergola Linear Lighting


Palmiye Pergola Spot Lighting


Palmiye Pergola Water Drainage



The system prevents the wind entering between the ceiling cover, rails and gutter, and creates an airtight space preventing air flow.


The system also prevents rainwater entering the enclosed area, and leads it directly to the front gutter for perfect water drainage away from the pergola.

Palmiye Pergola Waterproofing
Palmiye Pergola Profile Sections


 Gala Pergola Dimensions/Options

Dimensions (Width)

42′ 7 3/4″

(1300cm) max

Dimensions (Projection)

65′ 7 1/2″


Max Rail Centers

14′ 9 1/4″


Roof/Roofing Motorized Retractable Fabric Roof
Siding Glass, Aluminum Slats, Aluminum Walls, Fixed Louvers, Drop Arm Awning, Vertical Zip Blind, Vertical Blind

Sun Sensor

Wind Sensor

Color Any Standard Color / All RAL Colors
Fabric FS Flexy, FS Flexy 3D, Exclusive Fabric Collection
Motor Type Somfy Double Motor, Somfy Double Motor
Control Type Remote Control
5 Year Warranty Aluminum, Motor
1 Year Warranty Remote Control
Palmiye Retractable Fabric Roof


Gala Pergola Retractable Fabric Roof

The Palmiye motorized retracting fabric roof is made from a durable PVC material designed to provide not only shade, but also a seamless design across your pergola system.  As with our louvered roof system, our fabric roof is motorized and fully retractable. When fully closed, the fabric canopy becomes 100% weatherproof and will protect the inside of the pergola from wind, rain, and snow.      

Our fabric roof comes in a multitude of elegant colors and options designed to match your pergola system.  Made form PVC, our fabric roofing products are designed to last.  Our fabric roof system is completely mold and mildew resistant, and comes standard with a 5 year warranty against any fading or mold.  Whether you choose a louvered roof or a fabric roof, Palmiye has the perfect retractable option for you.


Gala Series Retractable Pergola Installations

Are You Ready To Get Your Outdoor Project Started?

The Palmiye California design specialists are standing by to work with you on your commercial or residential project.  Whether you are looking to expand your commercial outdoor space or just create a relaxing back yard get-away, Palmiye has the perfect custom designed product for you.  Reach out to one of our team members for a design consultation today.

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